Caring for flowers

In order for the flower gift to make you happy for a longer time, we include a professional nutritional supplement with each bouquet to extend the life of cut flowers. It contains all the nutrients needed to keep cut flowers in optimal condition. It supports the absorption of water into the stems, keeping the flowers fresh and fresh. Read how to take care of your floral gift:


After unpacking, cut the flowers crosswise under running lukewarm water with a temperature of up to 25 degrees. The cutting surface should be at the largest possible cutting angle.


Pour the enclosed nutritional supplement into the vase.


Fill the vase with the nutrient supplement with lukewarm water and place the flowers with the stems cut into it.


The nutritional supplement used ensures the freshness of the flowers and keeps the water clean for the following days as well. After the flowers have absorbed the water, pour clean water into the vase.


10 quick tips


Pay attention to the air temperature with fresh flowers. Put them in cooler places at night, keep them out of direct sunlight, heating or drafts during the day.


In addition, even dry air can dry out your bouquets and cause them to wilt, so we recommend lightly misting the leaves with water. However, avoid watering the flowers themselves, water in this form can cause them to rot prematurely.


Attention! Never place flower bouquets near televisions or monitors. The heat they emit causes the flowers to wither much faster.


An interesting fact is that you should not leave flowers near ripening fruits and vegetables, especially avoid bananas and apples, because they secrete ethylene, which will cause your flowers to wither faster.


A clean vase, washed in hot water, should be a matter of course for your bouquets. This will prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms. Classic sapo or a small amount of soda is an excellent helper when disinfecting vases, which gerberas will especially appreciate.


The water in the vase needs to be changed every 2-3 days. When using special preparations to extend the life of flowers, it is always necessary to top up after it has been absorbed by the flowers.


Tulips are beautiful, but very thirsty flowers - we don't change their water, but on the contrary, we keep adding water. Nevertheless, a smaller amount of it in the vase is enough for them. On the other hand, hydrangeas require a lot of water, so fill the vase to the maximum.


Don't forget to cut the stems every time you change the water with the flower. Cut them crosswise, under running lukewarm water with a temperature of up to 25 degrees, while the cutting surface should be at the largest possible cutting angle.


Before placing them in the vase, cut off any leaves that might be immediately submerged in water. They rot faster in a vase and thus cause the release of harmful substances into the water. We can observe this fact especially with roses, they release a toxic substance into the water, which has a negative effect on the other flowers in the vase.


If your flowers are very wilted, immerse them and the leaves in water for about an hour - they will revive beyond recognition!


Try to choose the types of flowers for the bouquets according to the season. In the current summer months, choose arrangements combined with tropical or heat-loving flowers. Thanks to the fact that they grow in warmer climates, they last longer even at higher temperatures. The varieties of flowers grown in the open air are particularly high quality.


In hot summer, reach for orchids, protea, anthuriums or sunflowers. At the beginning of summer, fragrant peonies are beautiful and very popular. If you bet on roses, you win. These are abundant and beautiful throughout the summer months. Tulips, on the other hand, do not tolerate heat very well, and therefore last only a few days in vases during the summer.


In mixed bouquets, remove the flowers that begin to wilt first. They tend to excrete harmful substances - putrefactive bacteria and fungi - and thus have a negative effect on other flowers as well.

Extra tips

• Popular tulips have a tendency to grow and it is natural for their stems to bend. If you want them to last as long as possible, soak their stems in ice water every morning and trim them regularly according to the instructions above.

• It is good to put tulips in a vase separately. Especially avoid combining them with daffodils.

• If you receive a floral gift of beautiful hydrangeas with woody stems, cut them, but instead, immerse the stems in boiling water for approximately 1 cm. Thanks to this secret trick of florists, they will make you happy for a really long time.

There is always a reason to give flowers. Whether it's for holidays, expressions of gratitude or small everyday pleasures, flowers are a real pleasure. Thanks to our tips and tricks from, you will enjoy your floral gifts for a longer time.

Thank you that together with you we can experience and arrange the most beautiful stories of your life.